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Why it Sucks
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07. September 2011


Why Paragliding Sucks        Writen by Unkown

Paragliding sucks. Before I was a pilot. I worked. I ate. I slept.
Now I fly. Flying cannot be described. You simply do it. Once you
have, you are never satisfied with ground based activities. You
constantly look to the sky.

Before flying, when I drove, I watched the road, now I watch the sky.
Before I flew I dreamed of advancements in business, now I dream of a
longer flight. Before I flew I dreamed of deeper relationships, now I
dream of higher flights. Is soaring the most selfish activity ever
created? Or am I simply not a complete person unless I am flying. Am
I a better person because I Fly? Or am I a dysfunctional person
because I need to fly. Is flying a disease? Or is it completion. Is
it genetically driven? Or some kind of impossible to fulfill

Well, whatever you describe it as, or whatever you define it as, it
is completely unreachable. Soar all you want. Fly in thermals, fly in
ridge lift, fly in convergence. You will never get enough. Have you
ever had the flight that you said " Now I have Achieved IT!". No. You
always know you could've had a higher, longer, better flight if you
just could of turned tighter or left sink sooner or stayed in lift
longer or.. or.. or...

It never ends. And maybe that is why we can never enough? Maybe that
is why we will always search for another thermal, another flight,
another cloud, another moment where time stops and your every
instinct is tuned to the pulse of the air... where every thought is
of where the lift is. Everything else fades and the instant is
everything. Right now. THIS thermal. THIS cloud. THIS flight...

I've been drunk. I've been high. I cannot think of a single moment
that begs for a revisit like flight. It is elusive. It cannot be
attained. You can never get there! Maybe that is why I keep focusing
on the weather forecast. Maybe that is why I keep clicking that pilot
report. Maybe that is why I drive out when it looks completely

There was that one time when I ...
And another When I ...

But why try to describe it? How can You? How many times have you
tried? It never works. You talk about timing your launch, you talk
about watching everyone soar when you sink... you talk about a low
save, you talk about that thermal that was the size of a
basketball... it may as well be Greek. It cannot be described.

I will never be the same... I will never be satisfied with less.

And that's why paragliding sucks.